How will my cleaning professionals access my home?

- by superduper - October 1, 2021

You can be home for your service, or you can provide an access code or location of your key. *We cannot be held responsible for unauthorized entry for keys placed under mats or in “hidden” areas.

Some of our clients provide a lock box with a key so that their cleaning professionals simply use that key to enter the home, then place it back in the lock box for the next service.  We recommend the lock box, as you can easily change the access code for any reason.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   *If you plan for someone to be at the home to let us in, but they do not show up within 10mins of the teams arrival, customer will be subject to paying for additional charges accrued while the team waits for access to be provided. Customers will be charged our hourly rate, per cleaner present for the time spent waiting over 10mins up to a maximum of 20 mins at which point the cleaning team may vacate the property.